Frank's Wild Lunch


this blog I used to write. For like a decade. It started off rather silly and as a diversion from the tedium of my various day jobs, but I like to think it matured with me.

I devised it at least partially in tribute to one of my heroes, Frank O'Hara, with writing inspired by his frivolous and personal approach. There you'll find the usual blog stuff, but also stories, poetry and essays about my day-to-day, my friends, the culture. I did a lot of performing arts writing about L.A. and points beyond, and I even got some appreciation from at least one local critic.

I figured out how to import the whole thing onto my site, post-by-post. Soon I realized Google was going to index every post and that felt a little intense, having some campy post I wrote in 2005 coming up on first search of my name. But by all means, go digging around in it on the Blogger site. Just click here.