The Miss Julie Dream Project

With Fell Swoop Playwrights:


At The Hollywood Fringe Festival, June 11-26, 2013, and Son of Semele Theater, September 5-15, 2013

GO! from LA WEEKLY "The primary beauty of the Fell Swoop Playwrights' project lies in the way it transforms the play's dodgy sexual politics — and Strindberg's psychological explanations for his characters' destructive behavior — from the logic of cause and effect to the surreal." (Steven Leigh Morris)

Photos from September 2013 production at Son of Semele Theater by Luke Gattuso

We're back! Starting September 5.

Holly L. Derr: "Blending pop culture references with the fever-dream logic that characterized Strindberg’s inferno of a mind, the show delves into sexual politics, desire, and authorship without ever resorting to the dogmatism that characterizes the originals."

We Make Movies: "a whimsical, comical and intellectual treat for folks who enjoy the classics, but enjoy dissecting and re-envisioning them more." (Sapna Gandhi)

Bitter Lemons: “Fell Swoop Playwrights’ exploration of modern digressions upon Strindberg’s A DREAM PLAY and MISS JULIE is surreal, smart, and refreshingly funny…. I found myself engaged by the experiment and excited by the promising ambition of this new playwriting collective.” (Kat Primeau)

 LAist: “fascinating ideas and an ingenious central narrative device” (Lyle Zimskind)

LAFPI.com: “stew(s) in your subconscious for several days…a fun brain teaser” (Analyn Revilla) 

Bitter Lemons: “All the performances were pretty stellar and often surprising. I’m interested to see more from Fell Swoop” (Cindy Marie Jenkins) 


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Photos from Fringe production by Luke Gattuso.

Nine members of Fell Swoop Playwrights collaborated to riff on two of August Strindberg’s most famous plays, MISS JULIE and A DREAM PLAY. THE MISS JULIE DREAM PROJECT tells the story of Mina, an actress eager to take on the celebrated role of Miss Julie. She finds herself in a nightmarish struggle with the character, as this time Julie refuses to accept her tragic fate. Darkly humorous and devilishly insightful, Fell Swoop’s new play catapults our understanding of Strindberg into the 21st century, taking on issues of femininity, sexuality, and the challenges of interpreting difficult works of art.

*Featuring Elan O’Connor, Lynn Adrianna, Edward Alvarado, Vic May, Sasha Harris, and Corrine Glazer.

Written by Meghan Brown, Samm Hill, J. Holtham, Abbe Levine, Michelle Meyers, Tira Palmquist, Emily Brauer Rogers, Brenda Varda, and Kyle T. Wilson.